Digital and Offset Printing

Ideal for short turnarounds, short runs of many different products and on-press proofing

Digital Printing and its Impact

In digital printing digital based images are directly printed on a variety of media substrates. Digital files such desktop publishing files or PDF are sent directly to the digital press for printing on fabrics, canvas, variety of papers, synthetics, cardboards, cardstocks and the list goes on.

Below are some of the applications of digital printing:

  • Only because of digital printing we can now print inexpensively at home and offices as in digital printing there is no need for printing plates.
  • Digital printing is most often used for outdoor banner advertising and event signage.
  • Photo printing has been totally revolutionized with the introduction of digital printing.
  • Digital printing has helped architectural design to great extent.

Other than this there are various other benefits of digital printing that are being implemented in this contemporary era.

1st Impression print is totally equipped with all the modern digital printing techniques and we are capable of delivering high quality printing jobs and all kinds of business printing needs.

About Offset Printing

Offset printing is a form of printing technique also known as lithographic process and is widely used in printing industry. At 1st impression print and design we use the LITHRONE G37 Printer for offset printing tasks. It uses the latest offset printing technology and offer the highest quality printed material with consistent colour reproduction and extraordinary accuracy.


4 Colour Press

  • Ideal for short turnarounds, short runs of many different products and on-press proofing
  • Stock thicknesses up toto 0.6 mm.
  • Maximum sheet size of 640 x 940 mm various printing requirements
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